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Tannoy Par de Bafles Revolution DC 6 T


Tannoy Par de Bafles Revolution DC 6 T




Revolution DC6 T
Audiophile crossover
Low loss laminated core inductors and audiophile-grade polypropylene capacitors are used exclusively throughout the Revolution range. This no-compromise approach ensures the best possible signal integrity to both the HF and LF sections of the Dual Concentric™ driver, enhancing the pin-sharp imaging and point-source musical integrity for which Tannoy’s ‘Dual’ driver is famed.

Optimum signal path
To minimise pathway signal losses and reduce interaction between individual components, internal structure and component topology is kept as simple as possible. This attention to fine detail runs throughout the Revolution design.

Precious metal components
Silver-plated, high purity oxygen-free copper internal wiring and chromed speaker terminals are a true high-end feature of the Revolution range. These exotic components offer low-loss, high current signal transfer to ensure every musical nuance is reproduced.

Trapezoid cabinets
Giving Revolution its distinctive look and compact footprint, the trapezoidal cabinet design reduces internal resonances and reflections. Tall, yet slim and elegant the DC6T cabinet features the latest (150mm / 6.00in) Dual Concentric™ driver and an auxiliary (150mm/6.00in) bass driver for added bass extension and low frequency impact.  The acoustically ideal from of the trapezoid cabinet and extensive internal bracing enhances rigidity, reduces internal reflections and delivers incredibly low cabinet colouration. For increased stability and better mechanical grounding the DC6T is supplied with an attractive base plinth.



Recommended amplifier power (Watts RMS) 20 – 175
Continuous power handling 
(Watts Peak RMS)
Peak power handling (Watts) 350
Sensitivity (2.83 Volts @ 1m) 89dB
Nominal Impedance (Ohms) 8
Frequency response (-6dB) 34Hz – 35kHz
Dispersion (degrees conical) 90
Dual Concentric™ high frequency 25mm (1”) Titanium dome with Tulip WaveGuide™
Dual Concentric™ low frequency 150mm (6”) treated paper pulp cone with rubber surround.
44mm (1.75”) edge wound voice coil.
Bass Driver 150mm (6”) treated paper pulp cone with rubber surround.
44mm (1.75”) wound voice coil.
Crossover Frequency 1.7kHz
Crossover Type Passive low loss 2nd order LF, 1st order HF
Enclosure type Rear ported
Construction 15mm particle board, internally cross-braced enclosure 
18mm MDF front baffle
Dimensions (excl grille) H x W x D
Dimensions (inc plinth) H x W x D
950 x 202 x 253mm (37.40 x 7.95 x 9.98”)
950 x 256 x 292mm (37.40 x 10.09 x 11.50”)
Volume - litres (cubic feet) 29.6L (1.045 cu. ft.)
Weight 15.1kg (33.3lbs)
Finish Espresso




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