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Tannoy Par de Columnas Bafles Mercury V4


Tannoy Par de Columnas Bafles Mercury V4







The Mercury V4 is an impressive floor standing loudspeaker capable of huge scale dynamics and highly detailed top end articulation. Featuring two potent 165mm (6.5") mid/bass drivers,  the V4 is a high-impact design delivering an authoritative performance with power and passion.
The new ultra light Mercury mid/bass cones give the V4 a speed and delicacy rarely found in budget floor-standing designs while comprehensive upgrades from previous Mercury generations ensures the V4 leads the field. Revised cabinet bracing, silver plated wiring and enhanced Differential Material Technology (DMT) damping on the HF capacitors lead to a greater refinement across the audio-band and an even more involving performance.
The new Mercury V soft dome tweeter is common to the entire Mercury V range for seamless consistency and all round integration in multi-channel systems. Engineered to tolerances generally found on much more costly loudspeaker designs, the new tweeter gives the V4 remarkable top end extension and a natural, spacious sound.
High output levels and an easy to drive load make the Mercury V4 suitable for a wide range of home entertainment amplifiers and applications. At the front of a multi-channel home theatre system the V4’s deliver adrenaline fuelled movie action like no other loudspeaker at the price. Yet the Mercury V4 is also an exceptional two channel stereo system for larger rooms, where its authority of presentation is complimented by the detail and accuracy of the mid range and high frequencies.
To cater for both modern and more traditional décor, Mercury V1 is available in either sugar maple or dark walnut finish.

Recommended amplifier power (Watts RMS) 10 - 140
Continuous power handling 
(Watts Peak RMS)
Peak power handling (Watts) 200
Sensitivity (2.83 Volts @ 1m) 91dB
Nominal Impedance (Ohms) 8
Frequency response (-6dB) 32Hz – 25kHz
High frequency 25mm (1.00”) Nitro-urethane layer dampened woven polyesterdome, neodymium magnet assembly
Low frequency 2 x 152mm (6.00”) Multi-fibre coated pulped paper cone
Shielded Yes
Crossover Frequency 2.6kHz
Crossover Type Bi-Wirable 4th order acoustic Linkwitz-Riley
Enclosure type Rear reflex
Construction 15mm particle board, internally cross-braced enclosure 
18mm MDF front baffle
Dimensions (inc grille) H x W x D 970.0 x 204.0 x 281.0mm (38.19 x 8.03 x 11.06”)
Volume - litres (cubic feet) 38.5 (1.36)
Weight 14.2kg (31.3lbs)


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